The story of an All-America City

This All-America city is a sought after destination for new generation job holders. They are keen to rent house here as rates are quite low compared to its neighborhoods. I am talking about the Bronx, a small borough in the New York City. To find houses for sale in Bronx is now easy.

Once buried under the curse of arson, crime and housing desolation, the Bronx has turned around dramatically. Stunning landscape is surprising many new comers.

There is about 2700+ houses for sale in Bronx which is waiting to be sold (as per It is very interesting to note that the average listing price is now $450,000, up by 10% a month ago.

“If anybody wish to buy house here, I feel local investors who knows this place, is the best guide”, suggests Cashmere, VP, “The Bronx is in a makeover phase, the old is gradually fading out to give place to the new, modern apartments”, he observed.

The median sale price was about $175,000 in the year 2000 which has shoot up to$360,000 in 2015.

Cashmere R
Cashmere R
Vice President, CSR Realty Investing. Experienced in closing deals for cash. Sales and Cash Purchase is our strength.

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