Life, Death and selling a house in the Bronx

Local investors who buy houses for cash were rare at past making life difficult for distressed owners. Things have changed drastically, selling a house by owner is now much easy in the Bronx.

Tiffany never thought it would happen to her, the 50 year old was not at her Arthur Avenue home when her father passed.

Her brother stated: “He was full of life, took care of his daughter and family. Leaving Tiffany behind and home she could not afford. Selling out of this stressful situation was her only option as she was not being able to keep up with the maintenance.”

Alice lost precious time over a divorce case her husband filed. Ultimately it was over but she found herself alone fighting against all odds. “How to sell my house fast was my first priority because I needed cash to settle final legal matters. I caught hold of a local investor who buy houses for cash and was interested in solving my case but offered half the value of the house”.

These two instances happened a decade ago when the Bronx was not the same as is now. Both of them were shocked and were forced to sell their houses half the price.

If you take a historical look of the Bronx, safety and peace was not easy. Selling a house by owner was difficult due to crime and under development, leaving many to abandon. In the 1960s and 1970s many neighborhoods that had held descendants of Bronx families disappeared under the curse of arson, crime, and housing desolation, apartments turning bubble filled dirty lands.

“As a investor you need to understand the mental and physiological situation of home owners who are in a situation that force them to be desperate to sell house fast for cash“, says Cashmere, VP of

The Bronx is in the midst of a radical skyline change. Real estate development is at its peak which started in the 1980s with the Government initiative of a “Ten year housing plan”. Investors who buy houses for cash are establishing their presence in the Bronx.

Real Estate establishments like CSR Realty Investing who is working in Bronx for last 3 years is actively campaigning and encouraging distressed landlords to sell house fast for cash. Even it is giving an all cash offer to owners within 24-48 hours. CSR works on strict principle. The house valuation is derived by the usual ethical process and the same is presented to the home owner. They have built up a reputation on not to take advantage of the situation, being fair with a Cash Offer and no obligation attached.

Local Officials have taken various measures to develop various areas of the Bronx. Affordable housing and affordable rents are bringing investors from all over into the Bronx. As a result of such development and growth in the Bronx, selling a house by owner is no more a complex process in the borough.

Investors are always looking for such property. “The good thing is we have access to cash and provide and offer within 24-48 hours”, says Cashmere. People are looking for property in the Arthur Avenue, Mo􀂂tt Haven, and Riverdale areas; those are great places to live in.

Cashmere R
Cashmere R
Vice President, CSR Realty Investing. Experienced in closing deals for cash. Sales and Cash Purchase is our strength.

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