9 tips to sell your house FAST!

How to sell my house fast? This is a critical question often remains unanswered. We understand you need cash fast, but your contribution is much important. Here is how:

1. Let the light in

Remember when you were looking at houses for yourself, and natural light, cross ventilation, and airy rooms were critical features? These are some of the important things that buyers will always look for , and if you can highlight these features in your own house, it will be a worthwhile effort. Pointers like taking down the dark coloured drapes and hanging light/pastel coloured curtains, cutting down any shrubs blocking natural light from windows, and painting the walls in light colours can be useful to give the rooms an appearance of brightness and vibrancy.

2. Clean up after your furry friends

You love your pets. We all do! However, not every prospective buyer is an animal lover. Therefore, walking into a house that smells of animals, has fur on the furniture, or has a constant scent of cat litter in the air will get you crooked noses, not help you score brownie points. So, do not let the love for your pets overpower the need to sell your house quickly, and efficiently.

From the BLOG: https://housing.com/blog/2015/06/16/9-tips-to-sell-your-house-faster/

Cashmere R
Cashmere R
Vice President, CSR Realty Investing. Experienced in closing deals for cash. Sales and Cash Purchase is our strength.

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